What we do

  • Debt Issuance & ManagementWhen it comes to capital financings, fiscal officers expect efficient and trouble free execution. We see it as our mission to make that happen. Our clients rely on us to guide them from the very beginning of their financings through to the end, and beyond.
  • Financial PlanningOur customers love a well thought out Plan of Finance. And, that’s why our service model requires this service. Once the goals are identified, the plan is developed.
  • Economic Development & RedevelopmentWhen it comes to local government economic development financings, we are highly-regarded. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to help get these projects done.

Who we serve

State and Local Government

When is it best to sell bonds? Why not sell notes? What affects our bond rating? How do we best finance a development project? Are we doing all the paperwork right? Bradley Payne’s Service Model is simple: help our clients answer these and so many other questions. We must be the navigator, expediter, translator and quality control manager.

K-12 Schools

CFOs and Superintendents tell us that few, if any, public events are as visible as a construction project, including its financing. They demand good results and no surprises. Our Service Model is built from our understanding of that expectation. We serve as navigator for this unfamiliar journey; the translator and the quality control manager.

Special Districts

Special district financings are typically more involved than others. This complexity includes collaborating with a variety of other government officials. We believe that’s why our clients search out a specialist like Bradley Payne Advisors, an advisor with experience at all levels of government, to successfully pull everything together.


What is a fair development incentive? What will the school district require? How does it affect the local government’s financial picture? What is a financeable Project Agreement? What’s the best Finance Authority for the job? Simply put, development financings raise many unique challenges, and Bradley Payne is experienced at managing all of them.