As a Municipal Advisor, Bradley Payne serves governmental, non-profit and real estate borrowers across the Midwest helping them invest in needed capital projects to grow communities and improve the quality of life for their citizens. Our clients include cities, public school districts, higher education, healthcare, 501c3’s, developers, special districts, water authorities and various other municipal entities.

"Our capital planning will help you better use your money to reduce surprises, meet your objectives and be transparent with your community."

Dan Schall

Capital Planning

Our team designs long term plans to fund our clients’ capital plan ambitions. The crucial first step is to define the rules of the road — the financial planning that will get our clients where they need to go in the short and long-term.

Let Bradley Payne Help You Build a Full Capital Plan

Whether you already have an assessment of your capital needs or still need one completed, Bradley Payne can help you plan and gain control of your capital projects and rest easier in preparing for that next emergency. Our capital planning will assist you in making deliberate decisions about how to use your limited resources in meeting the infrastructure needs you know are coming. Whether it’s a new facility, upgraded equipment, or looming maintenance, it all can be planned and coordinated to better align to your needs and available resources.

Bradley Payne’s Steps to a Capital Plan

  1. Engage leadership in establishing a clear vision
  2. Identify the projects and targeted assets
  3. Establish a priority ranking
  4. Integrate with operating needs and strategies
  5. Draft your capital plan
  6. Communicate, monitor, and adjust