Debt Issuance & Management

Capital Planning Services

  • Deliver custom solutions to meet the unique needs of clients we serve
  • Bring a wide range of finance and hands-on experience together to deliver quality outcomes

Planning process:

  • Perform debt management studies (including analysis of credit and debt capacity)
  • Develop project financing plans
  • Explore and evaluate funding alternatives
  • Analyze and advise on the refinancing of existing debt
  • Assist with long-range capital planning and implementation
  • Deliver financial presentations to elected officials and the public
  • Help clients select underwriters and other finance professionals
  • Provide expert advice on credit rating preparations, including pursuing credit enhancement where beneficial

Areas of expertise include:

  • Tax-Exempt Bonds
    • General Obligation Bonds
    • Transportation Bonds including Transit and Ports
    • Water and Wastewater Revenue Bonds
    • Lease Revenue Bonds / Certificates of Participation
    • Sales Tax Revenue Bonds
    • Appropriation Backed Bonds
    • Electric Utility Revenue Bonds
    • Special Assessment Bonds
    • Tax Increment Bonds
    • Direct Placements
  • Short-Term Products
    • Bond Anticipation Notes
    • Revenue Anticipation Notes
    • Tax Anticipation Notes
  • Taxable and Structured Debt
    • Taxable Municipal Bonds
    • Project Financings
    • Federal Lending Programs (TIFIA)
    • Public-Private Partnership Transactions (P3’s)
    • Payments-in-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILOTs)

Debt Issuance Services

  • Dedicated to serving clients without restriction or conflict of interest
  • A municipal financial advisory firm providing representation and advice
    • Help prepare official statements and other offering documents
    • Develop and organize credit rating presentations
    • Solicit and evaluate bond insurance and other credit enhancement opportunities
    • Able to conduct competitive bond sales and other electronic bidding requests
    • Manager negotiated bond sales and direct placements
    • Coordinate bond closings

Debt Maintenance Services

  • Perform debt service studies & benchmarking
  • Execute refunding & repayment analyses
  • Review and manage calls & defeasances
  • Assist with short-term and long-term planning
  • Develop custom debt management policies