As a Municipal Advisor, Bradley Payne serves governmental, non-profit and real estate borrowers across the Midwest helping them invest in needed capital projects to grow communities and improve the quality of life for their citizens. Our clients include cities, public school districts, higher education, healthcare, 501c3’s, developers, special districts, water authorities and various other municipal entities.

The Incentive Review Group*

The Incentives Review Group focuses on the ongoing review of:

Data analytics designed to track the progress of revenue flow

"Managing incentive agreements is an important responsibility for public finance officials. At the Incentives Review Group we are committed to supporting them by tracking the progress of revenue flow."

Michael Bernth

*The Incentive Review Group (TIRG) is not owned by Bradley Payne Advisors LLC and is not Federally Regulated as a Securities firm. TIRG is separately owned by the principles within Bradley Payne Advisors.