Who We Are

Bradley Payne is a regional Municipal Advisory firm with capabilities and expertise of any large national firm. Unlike many large financial services firms, BP is purely a Municipal Advisory Firm conducting its business in a highly focused manner offering public and development advisory services. As an independent, employee-owned firm, our philosophy is to serve our clients’ interests first and foremost. We place a high value on the enduring nature of our client relationships, the quality of our advice, and the continuity and integrity of our people. Bradley Payne was founded in 2009 by John Payne as an Ohio based municipal advisory firm. John designed the firm to be independent from any broker-dealer and to serve mid-size clients across all industries and sectors in municipal finance. BP is a small firm with a big footprint in Ohio, and it consistently ranks as one of the top independent municipal advisory firms. The opportunity to grow the firm with another office in Cincinnati in 2017 added to the firm’s footprint in the State.

Bradley Payne provides an additional level of trust to its clients in that our market advice isn’t based on any underwriting position we may have taken in the market. Independent doesn’t mean that we have an opposing view from broker-dealers. Instead, it means that we can use the advice and expertise of a broad range of underwriting firms to provide the best service to our MA clients.

As an independent firm, BP directs its full attention to working in the best interest of its clients and helping them pursue capital markets and other financial management solutions. Our mission is to help clients fund projects at the lowest possible costs and with the best overall solutions. We strive to deliver a comprehensive service model, with commitment to quality and dependable results.

Our Philosophy
All who work at Bradley Payne Advisors know this one rule: We are your fiduciary by federal law – it really can’t be any other way. We must strive to do what is fair and right for you. Further, we believe your work must be done by our partners and employees together. Your lead advisors will not sit back and relax while others manage your transactions. We are front and center. We think, like all of our clients seem to, that you will love our approach and our entire team.